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DD Free Dish updated channels list 01 November 2015


DD Free Dish added 2 new channels on 1 November 2015, which include Sadhna National a Hindi Spiritual channel and Sanskar a Hindi Spiritual channel. These 2 channels have replaced Sadhna Bhakti and Manoranjan Movies.

2 channels Sadhna National and Sanskar won the slot on DD Free Dish through online e-auction conducted by Doordarshan which held on 19th October 2015.

Below is the complete MPEG-2 channels list with channel logo available on DD Free Dish as on 1st November 2015.

Channel NameFrequencyPolarizationSymbol Rate
DD National11090Vertical29500
DD News11090Vertical29500
DD Sports11090Vertical29500
DD Kisan11090Vertical29500
DD Bharti11090Vertical29500
DD Bangla11090Vertical29500
DD Chandana11090Vertical29500
DD Girnar11090Vertical29500
DD Kashir11090Vertical29500
Test 11111090Vertical29500
B4 U Movies11090Vertical29500
Test 11311090Vertical29500
India News11090Vertical29500
NEWS 18 INDIA11090Vertical29500
Big Magic Ganga11090Vertical29500
DD Rajasthan11170Vertical29500
DD Oriya11170Vertical29500
DD Podhigai11170Vertical29500
DD Punjabi11170Vertical29500
DD Sahyadri11170Vertical29500
DD Yadagiri11170Vertical29500
DD Malayalam11170Vertical29500
Lok Sabha11170Vertical29500
Rajya Sabha11170Vertical29500
Test 21011170Vertical29500
Bhojpuri Cinema11170Vertical29500
DD Bihar11170Vertical29500
DD North East11170Vertical29500
DD UP11170Vertical29500
Sadhna National11170Vertical29500
Naaptol Blue11470Vertical29500
DD Urdu11470Vertical29500
Cinema TV11470Vertical29500
DD Saptgiri11470Vertical29500
India TV11470Vertical29500
Wow Cinema11470Vertical29500
Manoranjan TV11470Vertical29500
News Nation11470Vertical29500
Sony Pal11470Vertical29500
Sony Mix11470Vertical29500
Homeshop 1811470Vertical29500
DD MP11470Vertical29500
Star Bharat11470Vertical29500
Big Magic11510Vertical29500
Maha Movie11510Vertical29500
Zee Hindustan11510Vertical29500
Star Utsav11510Vertical29500
Zee Anmol11510Vertical29500
B4U Music11510Vertical29500
Test 41011510Vertical29500
News State UP11510Vertical29500
News 2411510Vertical29500
Sony Wah11510Vertical29500
AAJ TAK11510Vertical29500
ABP News11510Vertical29500
Zee News11510Vertical29500
Manoranjan Movies11550Vertical29500
Movie House11550Vertical29500
Housefull Movies11550Vertical29500
Star Utsav Movies11550Vertical29500
Test 50511550Vertical29500
Zee Anmol Cinema11550Vertical29500
Housefull Action11550Vertical29500
Test 50811550Vertical29500
Chardikla Time TV11550Vertical29500
DD India11550Vertical29500
9X Jalwa11550Vertical29500
Rishtey Cineplex11550Vertical29500
Star Sports First11550Vertical29500
MTV Beats11550Vertical29500
ETV Rajasthan11550Vertical29500
ETV UP/Uttarakhand11550Vertical29500
VANDE GUJ 111550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 211550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 311550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 411550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 511550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 611550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 711550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 811550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 911550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 1011550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 1111550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 1211550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 1311550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 1411550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 1511550Horizontal29500
VANDE GUJ 1611550Horizontal29500
MHRD 111590Vertical29500
MHRD 211590Vertical29500
MHRD 311590Vertical29500
MHRD 411590Vertical29500
MHRD 511590Vertical29500
MHRD 611590Vertical29500
MHRD 711590Vertical29500
MHRD 811590Vertical29500
MHRD 911590Vertical29500
MHRD 1011590Vertical29500
MHRD 1111590Vertical29500
MHRD 1211590Vertical29500
MHRD 1311590Vertical29500
MHRD 1411590Vertical29500
MHRD 1511590Vertical29500
MHRD 1611590Vertical29500
MHRD 3311590Vertical29500
MHRD 1711670Vertical29500
MHRD 1811670Vertical29500
MHRD 1911670Vertical29500
MHRD 2011670Vertical29500
MHRD 2111670Vertical29500
MHRD 2211670Vertical29500
MHRD 2311670Vertical29500
MHRD 2411670Vertical29500
MHRD 2511670Vertical29500
MHRD 2611670Vertical29500
MHRD 2711670Vertical29500
MHRD 2811670Vertical29500
MHRD 2911670Vertical29500
MHRD 3011670Vertical29500
MHRD 3111670Vertical29500
MHRD 3211670Vertical29500


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